Apple cider vinegar has been used as a remedy for numerous diseases for centuries. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, ACV can clean wounds and bruises and disinfect them, while also being used as a natural alternative to cleaners and weed killers. Continue reading the text below to learn 25 ways in which apple cider vinegar will change your life!25-ways-apple-cider-vinegar-will-change-your-life

Non-toxic cleaning alternative

ACV is one of the best natural cleaners – in its raw and unfiltered form, it contains specific bacteria that can clean any surface. Just mix equal parts of ACV and water in a spray bottle and apply it on the surfaces that need cleaning to disinfect them and clean them better than ever. Don’t worry about the smell – it will go away once the vinegar dries.

Weed killer

ACV is a powerful weed killer that works better than glyphosate. Mix ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar, ¼ of a cup of salt and ½ a cup of dish washing soap and spray the mixture on any weeds to eradicate them.

Eliminates odors

Just put a bowl of ACV in the area with odors and it will go away soon.

Improves your health

ACV contains beneficial compounds which will significantly improve your health.

Reduces serum blood glucose

ACV can lower the levels of your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar, effectively preventing diabetes. This was even confirmed by a scientific study which examined ACV’s effects on lipid profile in rats. They were given apple cider vinegar every day for 4 weeks and experienced significantly reduced HbA1C levels. This test measures the plasma glucose levels in the blood over a certain period and is very reliable as a diabetes test. The study clearly shows that ACV is a potential diabetes remedy.

Weight loss

ACV will keep you satiated for a longer period, effectively reducing your hunger and helping you lose weight. If you can’t drink it on its own, add ACV in your diet by using it in salads and soups. You can also drink it mixed with some water.

Lowers your cholesterol levels

According to the results of a study, ACV lowers the cholesterol and triglycerides in lab rats. Although there haven’t been human clinical trials yet, scientists are hoping that ACV can do the same for humans.

Detoxifies the body

Detox diets are required at least once a year so you can clean your body of toxins and eliminate any potential health problems. ACV is a powerful antioxidant that can eliminate free radicals in the body and clean your system well. Just drink a glass of ACV in the morning and you will detox your body in no time.

Clears sinuses

ACV can break up mucus in your lungs and prevent infections and colds. Sip some ACV mixed with water to clean your sinuses easily.

Relieves sore throat

Gargling warm ACV can relieve the symptoms of a sore throat – just mix some ACV and water and warm it up, then gargle the mixture a few times a day to reduce the inflammation.

Relieves digestive problems

If your stomach is upset after a meal, drinking ACV mixed with some water or fruit juice will improve your digestion and eliminate the discomfort. It contains a fiber known as pectin which can soothe intestinal spasms and other digestive problems.

Itchy and sunburnt skin

Apply some ACV on your sunburns or itches to reduce the irritation and ease the pain.

Removes warts

Soak a cotton ball in some ACV and apply it on your warts, then secure everything with a bandage and leave the liquid to work. Regular application of the remedy will dry the wart until it falls off on its own.

Post-exercise energy drink

ACV contains essential amino acids that can reduce the effects of lactic acid in the muscles after exercise and relieve the pain.

ACV for shiny hair

Rinsing your hair with ACV will make it shiny and soft, and the acids in the liquid will remove any product buildup. ACV will also regulate the pH level of your scalp and prevent infections. To make an ACV hair rinse, mix 1/3 of a cup of apple cider vinegar with 4 cups of water, then rinse your hair with it after shampooing. Rinse with cold water in the end and your hair will look better than ever. To treat dandruff, spray your scalp with ACV and water twice a week, then wrap a towel on your head and leave the remedy to work for an hour. Wash your hair as usual in the end.

Facial toner

Thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, ACV can clean your face nicely and prevent breakouts and different skin problems. It will balance your skin’s pH levels as well. Just soak a cotton ball in the liquid and clean your face with it every day.


Most popular deodorants are harmful for your health, but ACV is a natural alternative you can safely use. It will eliminate all bacteria on your armpits and detox them, effectively preventing body odor. Don’t worry about the smell – it will be gone soon.

Fades bruises

Dab some ACV on your bruises to reduce the inflammation and fade the bruises.

Whitens teeth

Dilute 1 part of ACV with 2 parts of water and swish the mixture in your mouth after brushing your teeth to eliminate all bacteria in the oral cavity and make your teeth pearly white.

Eliminates bad breath

ACV is a natural mouthwash that will freshen up your breath and eliminate the bacteria in your mouth.

Prevent feet odor

If your feet are smelly, wipe them with a towel soaked in ACV to eliminate the odor and prevent infections.

Fruit juices and ACV

Apple cider vinegar can be safely mixed with fruit juices if you can’t drink it alone. This will also prevent it from destroying the enamel on your teeth and damaging your throat. It will add a nice tangy flavor to your drinks and provide numerous health benefits.


Add some ACV in your cookies, sweets and cakes to lift them better than baking powder.


Put some ACV in your barbecue sauce to give it a tangy flavor or add it to marinades which can give your meat a great taste.


Sprinkle some ACV on your salads – just mix it with some olive oil and you’ll have a great salad dressing.


Add ACV on soups to improve their plain taste and give them a nice flavor.

Before using it, make sure that the ACV you’re buying is organic.

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Apple cider vinegar has been used as a remedy for numerous diseases for centuries. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, ACV can clean wounds and bruises and disinfect them, while also being used as a natural alternative to cleaners and weed killers. Continue reading the text below to learn...