Japan is really a great country – it has an amazing nature and mouth-watering food, as well as a dynamic culture and probably the best looking women in the world. If you’ve ever met one, you know what we mean. Japanese women have always been considered the most beautiful in the world. They have incredible skin and it seems that they just don’t age. Japan is one of the nations with the longest living individuals, and everyone has been wondering how they do it. Well, it seems that we finally have the answer.




The answer to the incredible looks and longevity of the Japanese is in their diet and lifestyle. Here are the 10 reasons why Japanese women don’t seem to age:


  1. Fermented foods

The Japanese eat fermented foods such as kimchi, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh and miso on a daily basis. These foods stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the gut and improve digestion, which results in cleaner skin and better overall health.


  1. Green tea

It’s no secret that the Japanese are big fans of green tea. They drink a few cups every day, and it contributes towards their great overall health. Green tea contains essential nutrients which can protect our body and improve our overall health. Studies have confirmed that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems and cancer, and one study suggested that it even reduces the risk of premature death. According to the results, people who drink green tea every day had 26% less chance to die, which makes the tea an ideal addition to our diet. Besides the health benefits, it can also help you lose weight.


  1. Eating small portions

Eating smaller portions for every meal is a staple in Japanese culture. The smaller sizes make you eat less and help you stay in shape. The lighter meals are easier to digest, which means no digestive problems and unhealthy overeating. To keep things fun, the Japanese love to add new additions to their meals constantly, and never top off their plates. They keep their meals small and decorated with vegetables in order to maintain their weight and health.


  1. Seafood

If there’s anything that can describe Japanese cuisine in short, it’s rice and seafood. The Japanese love to mix rice with fish and shells and it’s not just because of the taste. Seafood contains numerous essential nutrients and protein which are important for our health, as well as omega-3 fats that can assist the body in burning excess belly fat. These fatty acids are also important for your skin – they can resolve numerous skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and even melanoma), and are one of the major reasons for the impeccable skin quality of Japanese women.


  1. Walking

The Japanese consider walking a ritual. They rarely spend their time driving, and prefer to take a walk, which keeps them in shape and improves their overall health. The urban areas in Japan are full of people who crowd the metro and streets, which is why millions of other Japanese decide to take a walk instead. Besides walking, they also love to ride bicycles as well.


  1. Healthy cooking methods

The Japanese cuisine doesn’t consider fast food a normal meal. Most Japanese people cook at home, and use healthy cooking methods and strategies which improve their overall health. Instead of frying their food, the Japanese prefer to eat raw and grilled foods, which preserves the nutrients and taste. Frying is rare, and even when fried food is served, it is consumed in combination with raw or boiled foods in order to achieve balance.


  1. No fast food!

Eating on the go often is seen as unhealthy and impolite. Eating is a big ritual in Japan which means no TV or reading. The Japanese eat slow and allow their stomach to process the food before taking another piece. This also helps them know when they’ve eaten enough, which results in better digestion and normal weight.


  1. Martial arts

Both men and women practice martial arts in Japan. Karate, aikido, judo and other martial arts teach the Japanese discipline and patience and also improve their overall wellbeing. Most of these arts improve the cardiovascular and muscle system, while also keeping your weight under check. According to a 2013 study, martial arts can improve the body structure, the bone density and reduce the risk of being overweight in women.


  1. Healthy desserts

Desserts and sweets are not a big part of the Japanese cuisine. Even when they eat desserts, the Japanese opt for fruit. Sugar-loaded pastry or chocolate cakes are out of the question – Japanese desserts most often contain sweet potatoes, organic products and buckwheat flour.


  1. Hot spring baths

Japanese hot springs (also known as “onsen”) are a big part of Japanese lifestyle and a central piece of domestic tourism. These baths can help you recuperate and improve your wellbeing due to the presence of minerals such as magnesium, silica, calcium and niacin. Enjoying a hot spring bath will provide your body with these and other essential nutrients, improving your circulation, detoxifying your body and reducing the risk of numerous ailments.





Source :   healthylifecenter.net

Japan is really a great country – it has an amazing nature and mouth-watering food, as well as a dynamic culture and probably the best looking women in the world. If you’ve ever met one, you know what we mean. Japanese women have always been considered the most beautiful...