Few Useful Details on LED Light Therapy that you need to know

Different types of skin treatment procedures are used. However, if you’re looking for the most advanced and sophisticated mechanism to cure different kinds of skin conditions like acne, wounds, inflammation, and sun damage, in that case, LED light therapy has proven to be very popular and useful over the last couple of years. What makes this particular therapy is so special is the fact that you can use it at your home, All you need is a LED face mask. However, it is always recommended that you got in touch with a dermatologist if you want to administer this treatment procedure. In LED light therapy, different types of wavelengths of light are used to trigger the cells of the skin, which gets rejuvenated and facilitates the process of healing. When it comes to repairing damaged skin, LED light therapy has proven to be very useful. 

Light-emitting diode or LED is a technology that was developed in the 1960s. However, using a LED foreskin treatment got popular only a couple of years ago. It needs to be mentioned, that the moment it was introduced, it started showing good results. This had encouraged the researchers and scientists to work more on this technology and to find out what are the different benefits it has in store for you. 

What are the different lights that are used in this particular therapy? 

As mentioned, when it comes to light therapy, wavelengths of different types of lights are used. Here is a brief insight into some of them. 

  • Red light: It has been proven clinically that red light is very effective when it comes to treating premature signs of aging, wrinkles and also improve scarring. Red light directly triggers the production of collagen by the skin cells, which in turn facilitates the process of healing wounds and offering different kinds of benefits. 
  • Blue light: According to the experts, blue LED light is very effective for reducing the activity of the oil-producing glands. For those who are suffering from acne, blue light therapy can be very useful, as it reduces oil production and improves the symptoms of acne. It has also been proven that blue light is very useful when it comes to killing a particular type of bacteria, which can result in skin inflammation. 

These are the two different types of lights that are used in a LED light therapy. The heat and energy generated by the light help to rejuvenate the cells underneath the skin, which in turn, facilitates the process of healing. 

What are the different conditions that can be treated with LED light therapy? 

It has been proven clinically that LED light therapy can be used to treat different kinds of skin-related problems. They are as follows. 

  • Dermatitis 
  • Acne 
  • Eczema
  • Dull skin 
  • Scarring
  • Premature aging symptoms 
  • Sun damage 
  • Wrinkles 

Apart from these, there are different other kinds of issues that can be treated by using LED light therapy. 

Are you suffering from any of the above conditions? If you are, in that case, you can opt for this particular treatment procedure. As mentioned, you can use it at your home using a mask; however, to get the best of results, it is always advisable that you got in touch with the dermatologist. Administering a LED light therapy under the supervision of an expert is always the smartest thing to do. 

Are you not sure how safe it is going to be? In that case, as far as the safety part is concerned, it is much safer as opposed to some other kinds of light therapies that are used. One important aspect related to a LED light therapy that needs to be mentioned is the fact that it is devoid of ultraviolet Rays.