The Latest Buzz Regarding CBD: Why So Many are Trying Products That Contain It

People who use marijuana for recreational purposes tend to focus on a psychoactive substance commonly known as “THC.” That is only one of many cannabinoid compounds, though, that are found within plants of the cannabis family.

A substance called “cannabidiol” has increasingly piqued the interest of people seeking improved wellness. Most often referred to as “CBD,” this cannabinoid seems to be entirely free of the psychoactive effects for which THC is so well known.

Despite being only one of dozens of naturally occurring cannabinoids, CBD has rapidly become just as well known as its intoxicating relative. Many people have come to believe that CBD affords them relief from problems that other approaches fail to address.

A Substance of Increasing Interest to Many

Hemp has been cultivated for industrial and commercial usage for many centuries. People have also been growing THC-heavy varieties of cannabis for personal use since ancient times.

Only recently have scientists begun to unravel the mechanisms by which cannabis produces its characteristic intoxicating effects. Research into how cannabis can be used to address health- and wellness-related problems is only getting started, as well.

While consuming cannabis that contains psychoactive THC is fraught with potential downsides, there are other options. Increasingly often today, people use hemp-derived oils and extracts that eliminate THC from the ingredient list.

In most such cases, the goal will be to enjoy some of the potential benefits of cannabis without the intoxication THC produces. Many who view the situation this way believe that CBD is the most important and valuable cannabinoid of all.

Choosing the Best Available CBD Product

As a result, there are now many products on the market that include significant amounts of CBD. The vast majority of these intentionally exclude regulated, controlled THC from their formulations.

That leaves people who are interested in the uses of CBD with plenty of sobriety-preserving options to consider. When choosing a CBD product, it will normally help to consider issues like:

  • Format. CBD can be extracted and delivered in a variety of ways. Some people prefer capsules that contain a powdered form of essentially pure CBD. A cbd oil tincture has received a lot of attention in the media thanks to its association with a particularly inspiring story. There are even CBD fans who enjoy taking it in gummy candies similar to those recreational cannabis users often buy.
  • Source. Just how CBD gets separated and refined from its source will impact the nature of the resulting product. Many CBD boosters today maintain that whole-plant extracts and oils are the most efficacious. The reason for this is that such products contain non-intoxicating cannabinoids other than CBD along with other characteristic compounds like terpenes. As a more accurate representation of hemp itself, a whole-plant extract will mimic its abilities more closely than others.

Looking into matters like these should make it straightforward to choose a CBD product to try. Many people end up experimenting with at least a few CBD products before settling on one for long-term use. Although cannabis is still popularly considered a drug of mostly recreational utility, many are starting to believe that it has a lot more to offer.