Why are people liking vaping more than cigarettes?

In recent years, there has been a shift in people who use nicotine towards the use of vapes. The younger generation is rather mesmerized by the vapes and their beauty. The vapes come in so many different colours and shape that they can never get enough. And as if the looks were not enough to attract them the next thing is that vapes come in different flavours. Yes, you can enjoy so many different flavours even while getting the satisfaction of using nicotine. So, this has become the latest trend among the youth. in social gatherings, people can easily puff on the vapes even in presence of esteemed guests and they will not be offended. This is the charisma of VUSE epen caps. Smart is the new cool.

Vapes are preferred over traditional cigarettes:

  • Social status: the people who smoke traditional cigarettes are now being classified as old school. So, the youth want to fit in the society and have started to shift towards vapes. They can show off the VUSE Epen caps as they offer a stylish look and sleek design.
  • Various options of flavours:  the vapes come in so many flavours. the users can buy different flavour Epen pods and enjoy. A single device can be used for different flavours. you do not have to buy separate devices. There are so many options like the fruity flavours of mango, watermelon and so on. Then there are flavours like minty, vanilla etc. But for those who like it strong, there is extra strong tobacco also. So, if you buy a mixed pack of Epen pods you will have a shot of all sorts in it.
  • Cost-effective: the vapes are pocket-friendly options for the users. A single device can be used for multiple flavours and also multiple uses. Not buying a new one every time. The batteries too last a long time as they are rechargeable. All you have to do is buy a new pod every time and use it.
  • Smart: the new vapes these days come without buttons. The user just has to draw air from the mouthpiece and the sensor starts. The process of vapour formation of nicotine is started. The user can consume these directly. And also, when the drawing stops it stops on its own. So, there is no wastage. The person can have optimal usage.
  • Helps in quitting: when a person wants to quit smoking, they like to stay off nicotine for longer. With vapes this is possible. Firstly, the usage time can be reduced in each session. Also, the gap between the sessions can be increased. As the person feels content for a longer time.
  • Safe: vapes are safe to be used in the presence of others at there is no passive smoking. Also, there is no chance of fire. There is no burning of tobacco, only vaporisation of nicotine. It is safe to be used indoors and with your loved ones.