A Top-Class and Amazing Retreat Venue Hire Melbourne

We Are an Amazing Retreat Venue Hire Melbourne.

Our retreat location is situated in the depths and stillness of adjacent forests and rivers, and it is a haven location to re-discover inner life balance and tranquility. Our retreat site, located 90 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, is a perfect residential facility for business conferences, workshops, or yoga retreats.

Our place is serene, peaceful, and amazing that will help in reconnecting with nature. The connection with nature indeed makes life a lot easier than ever before.

Our Great Retreat Venue is Fit for the Corporate Retreats.

Corporate getaways are a long-standing tradition in the workplace. It’s a method for your company’s bosses to reward their diligent staff with a well-deserved vacation. A business retreat also provides an opportunity for colleagues to socialize and get to know one another outside of the office. Even if the getaway is hosted locally, leaving the four corners of the workplace for some well-deserved relaxation and leisure with your coworkers is something to look forward to.

You have to look no more if you are finding a corporate retreat. We offer amazing and qualified services to corporate owners and their employees. We promise to fulfill our duties and make them feel more special.

You Can Join Our Activities or Create Activities on Your Trip While Staying at our Retreat Venue Hire Melbourne.

We encourage like-minded groups to utilize our facilities, which can accommodate small groups of 10 to big groups of 80 people.

  • Create your own one-day or multi-day retreat workshops.
  • Join a weekend retreat that supports your interests from our schedule of activities.
  • Arrange a yoga and relaxation retreat with your friends or coworkers, which will be completely customized by us.

We Try to Enrich Your Experience at our Retreat Venue.

You can hire our retreat venue hire Melbourne at your convenience. Here are some of the instances that makes your stay at our retreat venue as more memorable:

  1. Rooms can be large, medium, or tiny.
  2. Tables and chairs, as well as AV equipment and a whiteboard
  3. Blankets, stools, and cushions for meditation
  4. 3 delectable vegetarian dishes
  5. Fruit is a great addition to morning and afternoon teas.
  6. Daily yoga class, meditation Nidra (relaxation), meditation, and chanting are all optional.
  7. Possibility to engage in a yogic setting

You can choose to adjust the activities of your day to your liking. So, hire our retreat venue for spending some quality time either alone or with a group of people – in any way you may prefer.