CBD Products – Types of Cannabis Products and What Suits for You

In the last 5 years, CBD Products have “flood” not only the American market but also the European one. No one can ignore them anymore.

The purpose of this article-guide is to inform you about the types of CBD products so you can find out which covers your needs.

Important Note:

If you are in an anti-psychotic or anti-epileptic medication, please consult your doctor first. It is reported that CBD suppresses the effect of these medicines.

Types of CBD products

·       CBD oil

The most common of the CBD Products. It is ideal for those looking for the purest and most powerful way to recruit CBD.

It contains little to no fragrance, no sweeteners, no added flavor.

These CBD products are safe to mix with any food or apply it directly to the skin.

·       Spray

CBD sprays are used orally.

Only one spray per day is enough to get the daily dosage you need. They contain a low concentration in CBD and are the ideal start if you are a novice user and want to explore it.

·       Vaporizer

Vapors are a very innovative way to use CBD. They imitate the operation of the electronic cigarette, and their use is similar to them (CBD is heated, and it becomes steam so that you can inhale it).

The excellent advantage of the vapor is that it does not produce any smoke during its operation, only steam.

·       Capsules

These CBD products are the ideal way to include CBD in your diet, as a natural supplement. They are entirely absorbable by the body and contain powdered oil, with a high content of CBD. They are tasteless and odorless.

·       Crystals

These CBD products are the purest and raw form of CBD.


Crystals can be used in several ways:

You can buy them in quantity and heat them so that they melt and use them as a vaping product along with the appropriate vaporizer (Dabbing or Vaping).

Tip for expert users: you can re-heat them, until they melt and mix them with butter, to make delicious homemade recipes.

The crystals are 100% pure CBD.

·       Chewing gums

It’s a practical solution for you who are busy. They can be taken daily.

These types of CBD products are effortless to use and easy to always carry with you. They give you freshness and clean breath. They are small and discreet.

·       Edible products

Chocolates, pasta, coffee, tea, cookies, lollipops, butter, flour

·       Moisture creams

Facial, hand, body even shower gels

·       Dermatological creams

For the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, acne, dry skin, rashes, swells, pains.

·       Cosmetics

Mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses

·       Pet products

Oil for parasite treatment, treats, food supplements


Keep in mind that the concentration (percentage %), purity, quality, and the source where the CBD originates from, play an essential role in the CBD products’ merit. So, choose approved brands with quality certificates and read the labels.