How glasses or contacts improve vision with refractive issues?

If you choose glasses and contact lenses which are always used to compensate for the refractive error in the eyes by bending the light in a way that complements the special refractive error. 

What is a refractive error in the eyes?

In the eye, the front area and the lens inside the eye form a focusing system. And this primarily responsible for focusing the incoming lights on the surface of the retina. If you take the example of lenses that focus lights onto the film in a camera. In a correct optical system, the power of the cornea and the lens are matched properly with the length of the human eye. Any type of mismatch if the system is known as refractive error and this results in a blurred picture in some area. 

You will see that there are types of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. 

You know what happens to your vision when you grow older

In this generation, the natural lens has the ability to change the shape as well as power and this helps to allow us to focus on close things through a process of lens power change which is known as accommodation. As you grow older than the natural lens in your eyes becomes stiffer as well as losses the ability to changes its shapes. This is also referred to as presbyopia which is the loss of accommodation and this requires glasses to read properly and other visual aids to facilitate for many people. 

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