How To Get Rid Of The Hives Caused By Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome?

Consumption of alcohol in some persons results in Urticaria or hives and it is due to the allergic reaction of drinking alcohol. These hives can last from minutes to hours and even they can last from weeks to months. Several other side effects also proceed as a result of alcoholism. The affected person should be given proper care by admitting to the rehab centers. They can get solutions for all the problems they face due to alcohol addiction. 

Alcohol Causing Hives

It is very essential to know that how can you get hives from alcohol withdrawal? A medical test can be performed to determine that the alcohol can cause hives in the addicted persons. The allergies are caused due to the breakdown of the ethanol that is present in the alcohol.  

The allergy might be identified when the person –

  •  Might experience flushing of the skin or rash after drinking
  • Might be allergic to some substances that are present in the alcohol. 
  • Might have a genetic metabolic dysfunction.

Get Rid Of Hives   

It is natural to raise the question that can you get hives from alcohol withdrawal? And the answer is yes. How the hives can be treated? There are simple yet effective home remedies to get rid of the hives and they are as follows –

  • Take a bath with an anti-itch solution regularly
  • Avoid using products that irritate the skin
  • Make use of the herb aloe vera and its medicinal property will give a soothing effect.
  • Calamine lotions that are easily available in the medical stores help to get rid of the hives by their cooling effect

When the symptoms get worsen and it remains for more than two days, it is better to consult a doctor. The doctors will identify the cause of the hives and prescribe medications to get the best results. The person should co-operate with the doctor in handling the effects well.