How to Increase Skincare Penetration

It seems counter-intuitive to spend money on skincare products that don’t penetrate deeper into your skin. Using these products should prove beneficial to you. Also, it wouldn’t be wise to waste your money.

The more skincare penetrates your skin, the more effective it is for treating whatever skin issues you may be dealing with. There is a possibility you discover your skincare products aren’t performing as you expected as a result of penetration issues.

The following methods will help you maximize your skincare results.

  1. Regularly exfoliate

Keeping your skin’s topmost layer free of dead skin cells is essential to achieving optimal skincare absorption. Think of dead skin as an obstacle between you and healthy, fresh skin. Blackheads can also be caused by dead skin cells that clog pores. Pimples may develop when blackheads become inflamed. In spite of clogged pores or acne, dead skin cells can still prevent the absorption of skincare products. Your serums and moisturizers, such as those from Odylique will penetrate deeper and reach the healthy skin beneath after removing the dead skin cell blockade.

  • The skin should be damp when applying serums

It feels smooth and supple as soon as you step out of the shower after moisturizing, yet it feels even rough once you apply lotion after you’ve completely dried off. The same is true for your face. Moisturized skin absorbs more skincare products (this is why Korean women slather their products on immediately after cleansing and rinsing). 

If you’re not quite comfortable wetting your skin with water before applying skincare products, you can use a facial mist instead. Just ensure your skin is damp, not wet. When it’s wet, pat it gently with a dry towel. Avoid rubbing.

  • Make sure you layer properly

Vitamin E and retinol are highly permeable and have low molecular weights, which means they can bind to and penetrate skin cells. The larger molecular weights of the ingredients in creams, which don’t pass through as easily as the smaller ones, will hang out around the skin cells. Smaller molecules can’t enter if larger molecules are applied before them.

  • Make your face steamy

High humidity and high temperatures will make your skin absorb more of your skincare products. You can see why aestheticians often drape a hot towel over your face before a facial! Alternatively, you can sit over a large bowl of hot water with a towel draped over your head (to trap the steam) or purchase an in-home steamer.

  • You should look for skincare that has a delivery system

To make the most of the key ingredients you apply to your skin, your skin needs all the help it can get. Make sure to use the right products from Organic Cosmetics.

  • Consider using a dermaroller

Dermarollers are handheld tools with tiny needles attached to a cylindrical surface all around the device. The spiky roller creates microchannels on the skin’s surface as it is swept over your skin, akin to small injuries. These relatively small injuries stimulate collagen production.

  • Increasing the volume

Consider rethinking your use of skincare products if you only apply them to visible areas of your face. Rather than applying anti-aging serum solely on your forehead, spread it all over your face, and your skin will take in more active ingredients. Take a step back and stop treating your skin in spots, and instead start focusing on your skin overall.