Is sex change affecting our society?

As discussed before there are a huge number of people who are opting for sex change [性転換, which is the term in Japanese] now days. This is due to the desire for an opposite sex which is known as gender dysphoria. Now the question arise is sex change affecting our society. It is true to some extent. But people especially transgender claim that due to their sex they have been isolated for most part of their lives. And thus to live a happy live they go through such surgeries. On the other hand sex change bring adverse effects on society as well as. It changes the minds of people. According to several researchers sex change is referred as in effective. They claim that sex change does not bring any improvement in the lives of people. Instead it lead them into distress, anxiety, and depression. There are still a large number of people who claims that sex change surgery is good as it helps to improve the lives of people.

Does sex play a role in behaviors and perception?

There is no doubt that sex plays a major role in terms of behavior and perception. Males and females both greatly differs when displaying emotions. For e.g. females are more emotional and sensitive than men because it’s in their nature. Basically, emotions and perceptions are been greatly controlled by hormones. On the other hand various number of factors such as physiological and experiential influences behaviors and perception. The way you think and react greatly differs between men and women. Genetic plays an important role in developing behaviors and perception of an individual. It is very difficult for a person to change the way he behaves as it’s in his nature.

How does gender create power in society?

We all have heard about discrimination on the basis of gender in-equality. Discrimination usually arises between white and black, rich and poor, males and females. Discrimination made on the basis of gender is common these days. You may observe gender discrimination in workplaces, and in homes as well.