Know about Glutes and Glute Workouts

Your fitness and youth can be easily made out when people look at your glutes. Strong glutes have a lot of benefits for the body. In case you need to make your glutes strong, there are a few exercises that you might consider including in your daily workout.

Your personal trainer in west London must have trained in various workouts that will benefit your glutes and it is going to help you out in many ways. Keep reading to know what glutes are, what the benefits of having strong glutes are and what the best workouts for your glutes are.

What are glutes?

Glutes are the strongest muscle group in the human body. They are the longest and are known as the hip or the butt muscle. Our glutes are engaged in various functions like sitting, standing, jumping, climbing, and anything that requires the working of our thighs. Three muscles make up the gluteal region commonly known as gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

What are the benefits of having strong glutes?

Ifyourpersonal trainer north London hasn’t told you about the benefits of strong glutes, you can know about them right here. The benefits of having strong glutes are:

  • Strong glutes lead to a better posture.
  • Strong glutes help in reducing back and knee pain as strong glutes help in supporting the lower back.
  • Strong glutes help in the prevention of injury.
  • Strong glutes help in increasing bone density.
  • Strong glutes help in improving athletic performance.

The best workout for your glutes

Here personal trainer east London are tell you a list of the best workouts for your glutes:

  • Squats

As we all know, squats are one of the best workouts for your thighs, hips, and waist. It is an extremely basic exercise that will help in strengthening your glutes by building strong quadriceps. Regular squats help to keep the hip muscles better toned.

  • Lunges

This is also a very famous and well-known exercise. If you do these regularly, it will help you in strengthening the lower body. These are also beneficial for quadriceps, lower back and calves.

  • Crab walk

You need to use a band for this. If you step against the resistance of the band in an outward direction, it will help to engage the gluteus medius and if you keep your knees facing externally, it will also help you to work on the gluteus maximus. This exercise affects the hips directly.

  • Clams

This exercise will affect your inner and outer thighs effectively. If you do clams regularly, the pelvis will also be benefitted. Moreover, it is also an ideal exercise for balancing the muscular thrust and distributing it equally between the thighs.

  • Glute bridge

The name itself suggests that the bridge that you will be making by phishing up your hips with your heel on the floor, you will be befitting from it as you will be activating all the three muscles of your glutes. 

You can consult with the best personal trainer south London to chalk out the right time slot when you can go to the glute workouts. Routine exercises and a disciplined approach toward the butt workouts can give you multiple benefits.