Mobility Aids For The Elderly

Mobility aids help people who find it increasingly difficult to walk and stand. Depending on the degree of restriction, there are a variety of aids that start with a simple walking stick and end with a fully automatic wheelchair. Depending on the individual situation, life situation and impairment, the right aid for mobility can be found. Auxiliatius explains in detail which options you have.

Walking Aids

Walking aids are the simplest form of aids used for mobility. Assistants come in different versions, the simplest variant being the walking stick. Often this is equipped with several floor supports for better handling. If you need a little more help, you can use a walker or a walker, for example. The rollator in particular is a very popular walking aid because it is very versatile. On the one hand, a rollator has a comfortable seat for resting. On the other hand, it rarely has to be raised and is versatile in use with its wheels, including brakes. Sometimes the rollator also has a basket where purchases or other items can be transported.


Wheelchairs are used when a walking aid is not sufficient to compensate for the mobility restrictions of those affected. In no way does this mean that a wheelchair user cannot walk anymore. Older people in particular may only use wheelchairs for certain things, such as longer trips, activities outside the home or simply to cover longer distances. In addition to wheelchairs that can be pushed, there are also those that have an electronic motor. The same version is particularly suitable for people who still want to be independent despite limited mobility.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles, sometimes called scooters, are aimed at people who want to get around in a particularly comfortable way. Electric vehicles have four wheels and an environmentally friendly electric motor, which can usually be recharged at the socket at home. The so-called scooters come in different variants, the range of which is different, as well as the respective speed of travel and the equipment. If you want to use an electric vehicle, extensive research is available to find exactly the product that is tailored to your own needs.