Understanding Entourage Oil Components and Their Effects

Recent developments in medicine are focused not only on understanding the efficacy of isolated chemical compounds like drugs, vitamins, minerals and other pure substances, but on how these chemical compounds interact and work synergistically together to generate a better and more enhanced therapeutic effect.

This case is true in many instances, but is more so in the case of legal cannabis extracts that produce CBD products like CBD capsules, CBD oils and CBD oil balm. Studies show that when these components work together in synergy, they produce greater results to them working in isolation or independently. This concept is what is now more popularly known as the Entourage Effect – an exciting and controversial concept gaining tremendous popularity, particularly among people looking for a reputable  CBD shop.

The primary and most significant compounds are the cannabinoids, the most prominent of which is the Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD can work synergistically with other significant and useful chemical compounds, including but are not limited to Cannabidiolic Acid or CBDA, Cannabigerol or CBG, Cannabichromene or CBC, essential oils, flavonoids, amino acids and terpenes, the aromatic organic hydrocarbon found in most plants.

To gain a better understanding about Entourage Oil components and their effects, the following infographic from Love CBD can be of great use. Gaining insights about Entourage Effect and the factors that can influence this, can be very helpful is you’re looking for a reputable CBD oil shop in the UK, or in anywhere else in the world.

To learn more about the different CBD products and their uses, check the infographic below from LoveCBD.