The first-time user of vaping devices starts with simple devices such as disposable vape pens. These devices do not have any complicated buttons or navigation issues neither the user has to recharge the battery or refilling needs. The features and functionality of vape pens are hassle-free for beginners to start. The disposable vape products come in a package, and you need to open the packet and start using it. Products like Geek Vape can be disposed of safely when the e-juice is used up, and start with the new vape pen. 

Vape mods are larger and more advanced compared to vape pens. It is the modified version of the vape pens that includes several special features, with better settings, display features such as a timer that keep a check of your drags, and even a tool to measure the resistance of the device coil. 

The resistance of the coil in the starter vape pen is around 2 ohms. The vaping power gets adjusted through your resistance and voltage of the device as per the Ohms law. So, by lowering the resistance or increasing the voltage, the current in the device is increased. An increase in the current helps in the higher production of flavour and vapour. 

Comparing the vape pods with the vape pens, the latter consumes less power every time the user presses the power button and can be on the low wattage setting. 

The vape mods use the coil that has sub-ohm, as low as one ohm of resistance. The benefit of sub-ohm coils in the vape mod is that it helps the wattage pass through the winding to have higher output. The vapour produced would be significantly higher than the traditional vape pens, which are warmer and pleasant. 

Another benefit of the vape mod is the battery monitoring system to check the usage of battery power. The power bar in the vape mod gives the information of the battery remaining in the device. The more advanced vape mods will have the indicator to display the battery level in the battery meter for each battery in the vape mod. Some mod will have two or more external batteries. 

The vape mods with built-in batteries are often smaller and lighter compared to the removable battery operated ones. The permanent battery devices are sleek ones that do not require a big battery door and heavy contact plates; hence the built-in batteries consist of the lithium-polymer. The removable batteries are cylindrical lithium-ion cells.

Vape pens are smaller sized built-in battery batteries. The user does not need to invest in the extra cost to purchase the battery. Charge it by plugging through the USB. The advanced vape pens use the USB type C that helps with faster charging. The disposable vape pens come with a pre-charged battery and hence do not even have the hassle of recharging. When the battery runs out of charge, dispose of it and use the new one. Check the Geek Vape in the UK, for instance. It is a well-known vape hardware brand that specialises in high quality and durable products for beginners to try.