A Guide to auto-flowering seed Cultivation

If it is attractive for you to grow large quantities of high-quality cannabis in short periods just like the numerous Autoflowering  seed banks, it is in your best interest to check some of these auto-flowering strains. A strain of auto-cannabis changes automatically from the vegetative to the flowering stage.

As auto-flowering cannabis strains flower according to a predisposed genetic schedule, the clone would be expected to grow according to the same genetic schedule as its parent instead of dependent on the photoperiod.




  • These plants are very versatile, well-growing outside, inside and in greenhouses.
  • In a short period, it is known that they produce very generous returns. The plants will be ready to harvest only 6 weeks and a half after the seeds have been planted.
  • The average content of THC in these plants is around 17 percent, which makes the mid-shelf strain of higher quality.
  • The sweet flavor of berries with a mildly-hashy aftertaste is properly cured.
  • You can expect a yield of up to 110 g / plant when cultivated indoors. Outside growers can expect more than 200g / plant.


  • Grows both indoors and out, and when fully cultivated is usually a medium-sized plant, sometimes up to 1.5 m.
  • It usually takes about 70 days to get to the harvest point.
  • Depending on where and how it is cultivated, it has the potential to produce anywhere from 200-300g / plant.
  • The THC levels are usually 15-20%, which means that the strain is nice, cerebral -high.
  • This is a combination of Northern Lights, AK-47, Critical and Ruderalis.


  • Indoors and open spaces can be cultivated, but in each environment, the plant may grow differently. The plant remains quite compact indoors; therefore if you want to maximize your yield.
  • In as little as 70 days, up to 300g / plant is available for a properly grown outdoor Nevil Bilbo Auto Plant.
  • Consumers like the powerful, incense-like aroma of a hint of metallic fragrance.



  • The time to cultivate this plant to its full maturity is about 90 days longer than the others.
  • It has up to 750g / plant potentials to yield.
  • This is known to be a strong strain, but the exact content of THC is different.



This new approach to genetics has much to offer and provides both novices and veterans an advantage.

  1. Harvest throughout the Year

With multiple harvests, they can be cultivated all year around-without the seasonal change having to worry. It offers novice growers a huge advantage to deal with cannabis, except for the need to manage the correct light cycle.

  1. Produce Results Very Fast

They can be grown in 10 weeks from seed to harvest so that fresh yields are produced continuously and quickly. It also means that the harvest is more frequent. So that a constant bud flow can be established without other installations, including separate rooms.

  1. Discrete Strains

Auto-flowering strains never grow higher than 1-1.2 m in height. This makes auto-flowering strains ideal for people who want to grow on their balconies or plan for guerrilla farming.

  1. Resilient

Their auto-flowering cannabis strains are very resistant to cold, infections and pests due to their ruderalis heritage. In colder regions of the world, it is also suitable for growing.

  1. Suite for both External And Indoor Culture

Simply put your plants indoors under a constant 18/6 light cycle and plant them outdoors to leave.



Photontek XT 1000w co2 Pro Par Review allow fast growth of strains from beginning to end, as they generally mature after three months. Small, stealthy auto-flowering plants are perfect for indoors or outdoors where you don’t wish to see your neighbors.