Hints On Infant Nutrition

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Your baby has just turned 6 months old and begins an intense stage of changes in his feeding. From now on, she will stop exclusive breastfeeding and start a new world of flavours and textures. Today we explain how to approach this process and what type of food you can start to introduce into your kids diet if you want your child to grow taller (อยากให้ลูกสูง which is the term in Thai). Remember, nutrition is important in the growth process of children.

Complementary Feeding

The introduction of complementary feeding implies a great step forward in the development of the baby. In some cases it is simple and gratifying to see how the little one enjoys this new stage. But it is always like this, there are babies who initially reject the change or take time to adapt. In these cases, a great deal of patience and an elaborate strategy will be required:

  • When you haven’t been successful with a texture, wait a few days before giving it that same porridge again, or add another food to the combination. Pumpkin is sweet and they tend to like it more than other vegetables.
  • At first it is advisable to steam cook to preserve nutrients to the maximum. With small appliances such as the Chefy5 baby food processor you will save time. This appliance is designed to make life easier for parents and has various functions: steam cooking, grinding, bottle warming and defrosting. Always have frozen homemade porridge . Label the containers appropriately to know what ingredients you used and when it was prepared. It is a way to always have porridge for unforeseen events.
  • Use soft silicone spoons first , with shape they adapt you can go to plastic spoons and finally to metal spoons.
  • Vigila l temperature of porridges, when the baby burns reacts with fear and rejection of new foods.