A Review of New Addiction Treatment Models

Addiction treatment models determine the success of the addict’s recovery. When it comes to addiction, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. Understanding the science behind addiction helps the individuals find the best approach for handling their addiction. Reviewing new addiction treatment models gives the addict a chance to find a program that meets their needs.

What is the Addiction Trap?

The addiction trap involves self-deception in which the addicts believe they have control over their addiction. The truth is that the addict doesn’t gain control over their addiction until they take the steps to seek treatment and start the path to recovery. Addiction is a neurological illness that requires professional treatment and therapy. When approaching addiction as an illness, the patient can take on treatment in the same manner as they would any other illness. They follow the steps presented by their doctor or counselor and find a better way to live without drugs or alcohol.

Discovering the Life the Patient Wants

Too often, individuals turn to alcohol or controlled substances to cope with failures in life. It is these failures that make the individual feel they aren’t good enough. With this in mind, the science-based treatment approach helps the patient focus on discovering the life they want. Once the patient identifies this life, the counselor helps the patient start on the path to recovery and building the life they want the most. Addicts who want to learn more about discovering a life without addiction can contact ARC Rehab Portsmouth now.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exercise

Cognitive-behavioral therapy offers patients short-term therapy during rehabilitation that focuses on destructive behavior problems. The therapists help the patients identify all behavior patterns that are derived from negative emotions and influences. It helps the patient discover better ways to manage negative thoughts and process these thoughts without damaging or dangerous coping mechanisms. The therapy isn’t based on shame or guilt. It enables the patient to find new ways to process life events, comments, and other factors that have lead to negative behavior patterns such as using drugs or drinking alcohol excessively.

Science-based treatment focuses on improving the body and mind. This means the patient will start an exercise program to improve their physical health. Exercise also increases the production of dopamine and endorphins. The natural effects on the body give the body what it is lacking without the controlled substance. The patients get a natural high that is healthy and improves their body and health.

How To Become Independent

Addiction is about dependence on alcohol or controlled substances. It is vital for the patient to discover a new way to live that makes them independent. Becoming independent not only from the drug of choice but from others helps the individual grow and become their own person. Independence is invaluable and prevents the individual from falling into co-dependent behavior patterns that could lead them back to addiction.

Addiction treatment models address addiction based on science and enable patients to choose the program that could work for them. Counselors present details about the programs to individuals who want help for their addictions. Anyone who wants to learn more about these approaches can contact a counselor now.