Top Safety Measures Taken By Professional Gyms In This Coronavirus Outbreak

Discover the world of online fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic ...

A lot of people want to stay away from the Gym right now. Who can blame them? There is a global pandemic that will continue into the fall and possibly longer(as confirmed by most of the scientists).

We have not even ended the first wave, and they are already talking about a possible second and third wave. It is a scary time, and that makes a lot of people scared to go out. They want to keep up with their fitness but are scared of what could happen to the Gym. I am a fitness person myself, so I get it.

According to a recent virologist, you do not need to be scared about going to the Gym. Here are a few safety measures taken by some professional and certified Gym in this outbreak.


According to a recent virologist, gyms have a lot of open space. The odds of someone coming in who does not feel well are very low, even in Hong Kong. Most gym staffers will tell their members to spread out. They will also instruct someone who does not feel well to go back home and get into bed. They will also tell you not to come back until your doctor has cleared you. 

Most sick people are not going to feel like working out anyway. 

Some of the best gyms in Hong Kong, and other parts of the world, have started using hand sanitizer dispensers at every table. You see hand sanitizer dispensers when you go into the individual rooms(like the red room). You see them at the front desk when you first come in. 

Gyms have stepped up the personal protection equipment(PPE) too. 

The staff wipes down every surface after each member has finished the workout in the Gym. Many gyms have sent an email and other notification blasts about this to people who are concerned.


A lot of gyms are offering refunds and cancellation methods for people who are too sick to come in or are worried. They do not want someone to feel pressured into working out. Just call them up and let them know your situation. They will offer you the right solution. You are also free to come back whenever you are feeling better or feel safer returning for a workout.


Some gym members request you send an email to the trainer, letting them know how you are with hand-slaps, high-fives, and other forms of touching( even if you are both wearing protective equipment like masks).

You do not have to be touchy-feely in the Gym with your trainer. They will understand if that is not your thing.

Patrons and trainers are encouraged to get tested before going back to the Gym, especially for gyms reopening in some areas. Wash hands before, during breaks, and after a workout. Trainers do the same thing. Surfaces wiped down too.

You should also avoid your face as much as possible. Those who cough should use a cloth or tissue. Cough inside your shirt or try to use the inside of your elbow. Do not forget to wash your hands and face after the Gym.

Gyms just want their patrons to know the steps they are taking to protect their members. Hybrid MMA & Fitness is one of the best gyms in Hong Kong, which is taking some outstanding steps to avoid this coronavirus inside the premises.