Emotional Intimacy: A Key Ingredient for a Lasting Marriage

Married couples need to continually understand each other to ensure that their relationship will remain happy and secure. They have to build trust and nurture the love that they have for each other. That is why they have to keep finding ways to avoid conflicts and strengthen their bond. It’s also essential that both individuals are on the same page in most situations. This way, they can ensure that nothing can break their bond. One of the best ways to strengthen a married couple’s bond is to build intimacy in the relationship.

If you are married, you probably have an idea about the importance of intimacy in your relationship. Simple gestures, such as giving hugs and kisses, can increase your intimacy levels. Physical intimacy is an essential factor in getting closer to your partner. However, you also need to learn how to build emotional intimacy. It is also one of the most effective solutions that will help you overcome any hardships in marriage. Some people even go through couples therapy to build emotional intimacy. Couples do this to regain the lost spark in marriage. Some decide to have this to resolve major conflicts that are potentially ruining their relationship.

Simple Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy

  • Be vulnerable—Some people are not comfortable with the idea of being vulnerable around others. However, if you are married, you have to show your true self to your partner. That includes your moments of vulnerability. Learn how to be more open and honest about your feelings. Stop being scared of being judged or rejected. Remember, your partner needs to know you better. Show your partner how you laugh, cry, or get angry. This way, your partner will learn to accept everything about you.
  • Express your thoughts and feelings—Learn how to show your love and affection to your partner. Tell them you love them or express your needs without feeling embarrassed about it. Share your worries with your partner as well, so he or she could also offer help if you need it. Avoid keeping your partner from guessing your thoughts, especially if you are feeling angry or upset. It would be best if you let your partner know if you are not happy about something. This way, you can resolve conflicts immediately.
  • Spend more time together—Never let the day pass by without spending quality time with your partner. If you are both too busy, you can simply decide to eat meals together. If not, you can free your weekends and do fun activities. Go on dates and travel together. You can also binge-watch television series at home if you want to stay indoors.
  • Find out each other’s love languages—Learn about each other’s love languages. Some people show their affection through words, while others prefer to express it through actions. It’s better if you both know how you express your love to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Married couples need constant work and dedication to ensure that their relationship will last. If you and your partner are not on the same page, various issues may arise. Building emotional intimacy will help ensure that you keep choosing your marriage above all else. That means you and your partner need to help each other solve every relationship issue that comes your way. The key is to dedicate the same amount of time and effort in your marriage. It’s also best if you continue exploring new ways to maintain the love and friendship that you built through the years. This way, you can rest assured that you will continue having a healthy and happy marriage for years.

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