Food Safety Training Is Really A Legal Requirement Within The United kingdom

Under Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 around the hygiene of foodstuffs it stipulates that food handling staff should be trained to the stage of the job.

There are many amounts of food training, namely, induction or level 1, level 2 for food handlers coping with open food, level 3 for supervisors and level 4 for managers/proprietors/trainers. The qualifications should be accredited, which ensures they are recognised by educational physiques for example Ofqual, DCELLS and CCEA and form area of the Qualification and Credit Framework. If your company elects to provide the qualifications in-house, they must utilise a trainer who delivers accredited qualifications, to make sure consistent quality.

Training is understood to be the entire process of imparting understanding and understanding to a staff member, it is not only attending a training course, competency is much more important than certification.

There are lots of advantages to training including:

Capability to produce safe food.

Decrease in customer complaints.

Decrease in food wastage and profit.

Happy, healthy, motivated work teams.

Increase of self price of staff and job satisfaction.

Compliance with legal requirement.

There are lots of methods to train staff in food hygiene, however the best are generally inside a training room or online training, for staff that can’t reach a program, or don’t have time.