Health Benefits of Lemon Tea

For good reasons, the lemon tea (ชามะนาว, which is the term in Thai) is easily the most popular among flavored teas. It is safe and can be taken by all. Here we will analyze why you should drink lemon tea by highlighting its various benefits.

Cleanses and Detoxifies Your Body

The lemon tea is highly medicinal in the sense that it detoxifies your body and removes toxins from the system. The presence of these toxins invites different kinds of infections and diseases. Regular sipping of this excellent detoxifier can help you prevent these infections and diseases.

Helps in Digestion

Lemon contains high levels of acidity, hence lemon tea stimulates the production of bile, which in turn aid in digestion and kill any harmful bacteria from the stomach and digestive system.

 Maintains blood sugar

The deficiency of insulin in your blood can result in high blood sugar. Lemon tea consumption with honey helps in maintaining this balance. Hesperidin which is a compound that is present in lemons can help in balancing the function of enzymes that controls the level of your blood sugar which can help in preventing diabetes.

Promotes Healing

Lemons contain Vitamin C which helps recover from stress and anxiety. It also aids the healing of wounds and takes care of all the human body tissues including bones and cartilages. Vitamin C also increases the production of white blood cells which helps fight bacteria and viruses.

Clears the Skin

Vitamin C present in lemon tea also helps clear the skin. Vitamin C facilitates the production of collagen which is a protein that aids in the growth of new blood vessels and cells and gives the skin a firm look. Lemon tea also fights acne helping your skin stay smooth; this benefit is why lemon tea is recommended for women looking for impeccable skin.