How To Store Potatoes

Although many people ask the question ‘are potatoes healthy?’, it is clear that potatoes contain many essential nutrients that are essential to your body and can be made in so many different ways. After the cultivation season, the next step becomes storing up your spuds to ensure they stay healthy throughout different seasons. Storing spuds is an art many homesteaders have perfected, and we would be showing you how in this article. Keep reading to find out.

Understand that although potatoes can stay fresh on your kitchen counter longer than many other vegetables, it will begin to lose your freshness after a while and with it some of its nutrients. Lack of proper storage makes people doubt the benefits of potatoes and ask the question ‘are potatoes healthy?’ Follow the process below to get the finest results for your taters.

Check for Damages

The healthiest potatoes are ideal for storage. Before you ask the common question ‘are potatoes healthy,’ check your potatoes for mold, pest damage, soft spots, or sprouts to find out how healthy your potatoes are and if they are suitable for storage.

Use Paper Bags

To get the best results from your stored spuds, you need to ensure your potatoes have enough ventilation, and you won’t get that by storing it in a plastic bag. Plastic bags could shorten its shelf life, which is why your best choice would be a paper bag or even a basket. Other ideal options include mesh bags or cardboard boxes.

Store in a Cool, Dry Dark Location

The best temperature for your spuds is between 45°F to 50°F; a cool basement would be perfect for storing spuds. Don’t make the mistake of storing your spuds in the refrigerator as the cold temperature could turn the starch into sugar. During winter, you can make use of your shed or a heatproof garage if you have one. Your potatoes need to stay out of sunlight, hence the dark requirements.

Check Them Regularly

Make sure you keep an eye on the taters you have stored up in order to ensure that there are no sprouted and soft potatoes mixed with the healthy once because it could make the others go bad. Sprouted potatoes are still healthy for consumption as long as they remain firm and have not begun to shrivel.

Do Not Store Near Onions and Apples

Produce like onions, apples, or even banana produces ethylene gas, making them ripen quickly; this could affect your taters and cause them to spoil quickly. Therefore, it is advised you store them in different locations if you want your stored potatoes to last for a while.

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