Hashish, commonly known as hash , comes from the flower, leaves, and stems of a cannabis plant. The active ingredient is the same in both marijuana and hash, which is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, the concentration of THC is much higher in hash as compared to marijuana. In marijuana, THC’s concentration is between 1% to 5% where as the concentration of THC in hash is between 5% to 15%. Hash oil is a more concentrated form of hash. As per the Drug Enforcement Administration, THC’s concentration in hash oils can be as high as 20%. 

The Cons of Having Hash

However, long term intake of hash has adverse health effects. Prolong intake of hash can damage white matter in the brain, which affects the memory and learning part of the brain negatively. Smoking hash can cause a lot of respiratory problems. However, it is not proven yet whether hash carries the risk of cancer with it too. Pregnant women taking cannabis can affect the development issue of the child. Long-term use of cannabis affects mental health, largely leading to various mental issues. As per the American Psychiatric Association, adolescents inclined towards cannabis face continuous anxiety, PSTD, and depression. They also have conduct disorders or ADHD.

The Pros of Having Hash

However, hash has some good short-term effects and is even considered a part of medication. Hash relaxes your nerves and gives it a calm feeling. It gives you a feeling of happiness and well-being; it enhances the emotional experiences, gives a sensual experience. It brings time to a halt and lets you enjoy the time slowly. The feeling of passiveness increases along with increased sociability. Short-term intake of hash reduces the fear and inhibitions from you. Since hash is also a part of medication, it is available on online dispensary in canada .