Medial Epicanthoplasty – Helping To Bring Eyes Closer

You have been doing some thorough research on the double eyelid surgery for a pretty long time. While doing so, you have heard of the term medial epicanthoplasty [เปิดหัวตา ] and the lateral one as well. It is not that unusual thing to encounter, as both these surgical options have something to do with the upper eyelid and can be done simultaneously with the double eyelid surgery. Even though these two terms might sound the same the result they will offer will be quite different. This term will mainly indicate eye surgery, which will focus mainly on epicanthal folds of eyes. These folds are mostly found at inner area of eyes and mostly near the nose’s bridge.

What to get from this surgery:

By just undergoing a medial epicanthoplasty, the inner corners of the eyes will be elongated to bring the eyes closer to one another with just right distance taking place between them. This is one universally accepted distance, which will take place between two eyes and will be one eye width apart. Various surgeons are noted to use different methods while doing this form of eye related surgery. The long downtime of the surgery, prominent scars and scar thickening some of the factors, which you have to consider, before going for this form of surgery.

Get along with the professionals:

Always make it a point to focus on the expert surgeons first before you opt for the medial epicanthoplasty treatment. Just know what people want and then opt for the surgeon with good credentials under his name. It will help you to procure the best choice that you can make. Don’t forget to check in with the experts and aim for the consultation period, before finalizing on the ones you can opt for right now.

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