PCR Test vs. Rapid Antigen Test in Manchester

As different business industries try their best to get back on their feet after the major effect that coronavirus pandemic brought upon the UK and worldwide, international efforts to curb the virus continue by observing health protocols. Manchester’s city continues to implement standard health practices such as thermal scanning, filling-up health declaration forms, and answering health interviews.

Also, with the many options on knowing if a person is positive of COVID-19 in a fast way, two available tests are on-demand and are widely used. The RT-PCR test Manchester stands for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test and the Rapid Antigen Test, and many people ask about their differences.

PCR Tests

As it is commonly known, PCR Tests are the “gold standard” of coronavirus testing worldwide. Highly accurate results are available in less than 24 hours. PCR test is done through a nasopharyngeal swab to collect respiratory samples found in the nose. Turnaround time usually takes 2-3 days after the time it was collected.

Manchester PCR tests are advised for travelers and business people before their scheduled flights to present health certificates upon plane boarding. 

Rapid Antigen Test

But for companies with a large workforce, a PCR test might be pricey; that is why some industries opt for “rapid tests” for their employees. The Rapid Antigen test can give out results in 20-30 minutes and is less expensive, the reason why people line up for it. Results are usually accurate, but in some cases, if a person is doubtful of the result can go for another round of rapid test to for confirmation.

Rapid antigen test kits from trusted service providers are also available for people who do not want to go outside of their houses to secure a certificate of COVID fit to fly test in Manchester.

For other information about COVID-19 testing, see thisinfographicby Harley Medic International.

PCR Test Vs. Rapid Antigen Test, what are the difference?