If you want to use essential oils for their many benefits and to deal with medical issues, it is essential to check whether the oil you are buying is pure or not. We are already living in an environment that is full of pollution and toxic air. Also, the quality of food we ingest is deteriorating day by day because of the utilization of pesticides. We cannot afford to go for synthetic oils. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how we can find authentic essential oil in the saturated market. 

What Does Pure Essential Oil Mean? 

Pure essential oil is the one that directly comes from the farm and it is not added with adulterants or any other synthetic substances that may ruin the quality of essential oil. It is the one that stays pure with its authentic qualities. Though there are a few that come with purity, we must rely on our sense of smell and instincts to choose the appropriate one. But due to the altering quality of the soil and weather conditions, it becomes impossible for the quality of the essential oils to stay the same throughout. 

Here are a few tips that to consider when going out to buy an essential oil 

  • Many essential oils are available in the market, and there are many which are new in the industry. Honestly, you can buy essential oils anywhere, but the problem is there are a few companies that come with good intentions and others are just selling to earn good profits. You need to be cautious while choosing the company to buy an essential oil, a thorough research is vital to make sure you are going for the right one.
  • Essential oils are largely implanted for food and perfume companies. They are not grown for aromatherapy or therapeutic condition; thus, the production of those oils is not derived for quality or medical efficacy. So, it is obvious that most of the essential oils do not belong to a quality group. 
  • It is vital to take precautions if you are seeking an essential oil to ingest. It is not recommended to take the ingestion process lightly as it can lead to tremendous loss. Knowing how to use authentic essential oil is critical. So, it is important to learn how to use them efficiently, also keeping in mind the safety measures and medical condition, if one is going through. 

How to Know Whether An Essential Oil Is Pure? 

  • Do rely on your sense of smell. It works, trust that. 
  • It is a good idea to carry out extensive research among companies, you will be able to recognize the authentic one. 
  • It is recommended to notice its aroma from the first note detection to the last one. It is not similar to the perfume smell, which is going to last in your nose for a long period. It is actually about seeking an array of aromatics that naturally dispel. 
  • Keep a check, that how do you feel after sniffing that oil, is there a shift in your mood. Are you feeling happy, lively, calm? If that is the case, it is authentic essential oil. 
  • It is vital to check the sources, read about the manufacturing, search whether the company has its orchards or farms. Read reviews about the product online, also rely on word-of-mouth, which plays a significant role in revealing the true quality. 

As many brands claim to offer quality and authentic essential oil, it has become a challenge to find pure oil. It is recommended to consider these tips to make the right choice. Young Living is reliable when it comes to essential oils.