Snoring is a quite common appearance, mostly among men, but women can also snore. This annoying sound can be quite disturbing for your bed partner, and sometimes for the whole family. People are usually not aware that they snore until someone tells them, but some people can awake due to their own snoring and feel sleep-deprived during the day.

Some medications can reduce snoring, but none of them will cure it. Also, some people occasionally snore while others snore all the time. People who occasionally snore, for example during allergy season, after a few alcohol drinks, due cold or some other throat issues, obesity or sleep position on the back, can figure out the cause and make some adjustments to regulate the snoring.

You do not have to be the one who snores

You can also rely on some of these steps:

  • Regulate your diet and lose weight
  • Do not use sleeping pills, antihistamines, or tranquilizers before you go to bed
  • Do not eat or consume alcohol one hour before you go to bed
  • Have a good sleeping routine
  • Try to sleep on your side

If you wish to get rid of the snoring for good, you can consult with a specialist and get more information about the possible treatments. These treatments are usually done in specialized clinics, such as Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, where the doctors are certified and experienced for different types of plastic surgery procedures.

CPAP- Continuous positive airway pressure

This treatment is created to enable a positive airway pressure by using the mask over the nose and mouth during sleep. This is achieved with the machine to which the mask is attached, and the continuous flow of air is flowing into the nostrils. This way, your airways are open and the breathing is not impaired.


There are different types of surgeries, depending on the cause of your snoring. Minimally invasive surgery is somnoplasty, where the soft tissue in the back of the throat or the upper airway is reduced. Tonsillectomy is a well-known procedure for removing the tonsils where your snoring will be prevented or reduced.

It is quite common that the soft palate tissue is obstructing your breathing, so the doctor will recommend removing some of the soft palate tissue.

Non-surgical procedure

Today, the laser procedure is available for snoring reduce. This treatment does not include any cuts or anesthetics, and during it, you will most probably feel the heating sensation. The specialist in snoring treatment Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will restructure the collagen in your throat tissue, making the airway bigger.

Laser treatment is one of the best solutions

Some studies have shown that this treatment will reduce snoring by 70%, while your sleep apnea will be mild reduced. The treatment does not usually remove sleep apnea.

Final word

First, try some of the remedies and lifestyle changes if you think that the causes are external factors or obesity. If that does not work, consult with your doctor and find the best solution for you.